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How To Use 2020 To Optimize Your Lifestyle Design

The fiscal year of 2020 is coming to a close and with it are last-minute business decisions. Instead of pushing forward, take time to reflect and learn. Here are three questions to ask yourself in order to more strategically move into 2021. ……

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Service providers need telco-grade network architecture for 5G, says F5

We’ve been hearing for years how 5G networking will smash bottlenecks and boost the performance of all sorts of technologies. Do businesses and vendors have the groundwork laid for when 5G finally arrives in their domains? They might have a head start if they’ve containerized their networking infr…

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(LIVE) Using Strategy to Build Long Term Resilience w/ David Yetman

Top 10 Analytics Strategies to Follow for Successful Outcome

Even though when 70% of business executives believe that analytics is important, only 2% have achieved positive impact.

Data is now more accessible than ever. Companies have widely embraced the use of data analytics to streamline operations and improve processes. Sorting through data to find wh…

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Palantir raises revenue guidance, citing geopolitical uncertainty

Data analytics firm Palantir Technologies Inc. saw it stock bounce around today after reporting revenue growth of 52% in its first earnings call since going public in September. The company a reported third-quarter profit before certain costs of 8 cents per share on revenue of $289 million. That w…

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Cato Networks ѳolvesҠthreat intelligence false alarms with new AI system

Cato Networks Ltd. today introduced a machine learning system that it says can ease cybersecurity teams’ work by eliminating so-called false positives, or cases when a breach alert is generated because of an event that later turns out to be harmless. Cato Networks is a heavily funded networking st…

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