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Mid-Pandemic Social Media Best Practices to Hang Your Hat on

Communicating through COVID—in Hong Kong or anywhere—continues to be illuminative. Working for a global consultancy in a region that was hit first means I’ve now been counseling clients and supporting international colleagues at opposing stages of the cycle for the best part of a year. Anyo…

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Culture and Strategy Do Breakfast and Eat Cash

Many will be familiar with the well versed saying, “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast”, right? Coined by the late Peter Drucker at the turn of this century, Drucker was absolutely right to call out the importance of getting the organizational culture right. He wasn’t suggesting that strategy wasn’…

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What is CBD Oil and How is it Made?

Whether one is already a CBD user or a potential user, the question may arise – how is CBD oil made? What exactly is CBD oil and what is it used for? Before addressing those questions, it is important to understand the different terms related to cannabis.

The term cannabis refers to a genus of pla…

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Unicorn sighting: Data analytics startup Dremio raises $135M in new funding

Self-service data analytics startup Dremio Corp. said today it has closed on a $135 million late-stage round of funding that values it at more than $1 billion. Sapphire Ventures led the Series D round, which brings Dremio’s total funding raised to $250 million. Existing investors Insight Partners,…

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Manufacturing Technology in Business

Manufacturing Technology provides today’s manufacturers with exciting new prospects for their operations.

Technology is a continuously developing area and is constantly coupled with new iterations and advancements. It provides today’s manufacturers with exciting new prospects for their operati…

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Predictions 2021: Hereҳ whatҳ coming in enterprise technology

In our 2020 Enterprise Technology Predictions post, we said that organizations would slow down experimentation this year and begin to operationalize their digital transformation proof-of-concepts. We also said that, based on spending data, cybersecurity companies such as CrowdStrike Holdings Inc. …

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Can we Offset the Black-Box Problem of Neural Network?

Why the black box is a major concern in deep learning algorithms?

Deep learning has evolved much in the past few years. From face recognition, self-driving cars to photo editors, election prediction, to fraud detection, its’ applications have also diversified to a considerable margin. One of the…

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4 best pandemic parody ads of 2020

From sad piano chords to empty shelves, these filmmakers skewered all the coronavirus ad cliches.

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Anna N Schlegel: Elevating Cloud Experience by Imparting an Adaptive Culture of Leadership

NetApp is aglobalcloud-led, data-centric software companythat empowers organizations to lead with data in the age of accelerated digital transformation. The company provides systems, software and cloud services that enablethem to run their applications optimally fromdatacenterto cloud, whether the…

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How to Organize a Marketing Roadmap in 5 Simple Steps

Planning a marketing project can feel chaotic for new and veteran marketers alike. With multiple elements and team members involved, how do you make sure you finish it on time and on spec? If your marketing project needs organization, try using a roadmap. It provides a structure that makes it easie…

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Top Open Source Predictions to Watch Out for in 2021

How will the future of open source software look like in 2021 and beyond?

Open source software is growing exponentially these days. It gives users the autonomy to develop and modify their work in unique ways, and integrate the work into a larger project or determine a new work based on the origin…

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How to Ensure the Security of Cloud-Native Applications?

Understanding why is cloud-native security imperative?

With increasing move to cloud infrastructures, we have seen rapid growth of cloud-native applications. These applications are a collection of small, faster, and integrated services. By creating and operating cloud-native applications, busines…

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Top 10 Cyber Security Tools that will Dominate 2021

Recent developments in technology and the shift of work from office space to remote working have made cybersecurity something that every business needs to take seriously. Besides, new technologies such as big data, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are gradually moving into…

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How To Use 2020 To Optimize Your Lifestyle Design

The fiscal year of 2020 is coming to a close and with it are last-minute business decisions. Instead of pushing forward, take time to reflect and learn. Here are three questions to ask yourself in order to more strategically move into 2021. ……

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Service providers need telco-grade network architecture for 5G, says F5

We’ve been hearing for years how 5G networking will smash bottlenecks and boost the performance of all sorts of technologies. Do businesses and vendors have the groundwork laid for when 5G finally arrives in their domains? They might have a head start if they’ve containerized their networking infr…

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(LIVE) Using Strategy to Build Long Term Resilience w/ David Yetman

Top 10 Analytics Strategies to Follow for Successful Outcome

Even though when 70% of business executives believe that analytics is important, only 2% have achieved positive impact.

Data is now more accessible than ever. Companies have widely embraced the use of data analytics to streamline operations and improve processes. Sorting through data to find wh…

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Palantir raises revenue guidance, citing geopolitical uncertainty

Data analytics firm Palantir Technologies Inc. saw it stock bounce around today after reporting revenue growth of 52% in its first earnings call since going public in September. The company a reported third-quarter profit before certain costs of 8 cents per share on revenue of $289 million. That w…

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Cato Networks ѳolvesҠthreat intelligence false alarms with new AI system

Cato Networks Ltd. today introduced a machine learning system that it says can ease cybersecurity teams’ work by eliminating so-called false positives, or cases when a breach alert is generated because of an event that later turns out to be harmless. Cato Networks is a heavily funded networking st…

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What is Business Intelligence? The ABCs about BI

Business Intelligence (BI) helps decision makers understand how their business is performing. For many years, Phocas customers implemented BI predominately to generate revenue. Recently we’re seeing a shift in the BI strategy to help people recognize real-time financial performance, reduce costs …

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